Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey, just want to say something about the Server merge Pharaonic Temple+Alexander, if you found you char naked or even dont find you char that's what happens because you choose the wrong Server it was a new Chin only Server thats the reason why your chars are naked or not there(if they were euros) and you could also change your name on that Server.
I hope i can help you if you got trouble as like me.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Event after Server merge.

Hey ho,
just want to say that on the merged Server is a 2x Exp and 3x Droprate event, it will end in 48h.
(Well idk if its only on the new server but i think so.)
I wish you all good drops and many lvl ups


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Server merge

There is a new server merge in csro soon. At the 15 July some Server will merge at Div. 1 and Div. 2

Great dream + Genesis -> the beginning
Wushuang + Monolithic -> Competing against the country

Pharaonic Temple + Alexander -> Yingxiang sky
Ocean + Peak -> Benevolent peak

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fix your lags, dc's and connections problems "qqdaili"

Alot of people have connection problems whit csro. They have lags, disconnects  sometimes they even can't connect to the Chinese Silkroad servers. And here is the solution for all this problems, "QQDaili".
It's a simple VPN Proxy tool but it works very well and alot of people use it. So here comes a QQDaili tutorial.

1. Download QQDaili here
2. Install QQDaili and login whit the test account you can use the test account for  unlimited time.

3. Click on the marked button and choose your Silkroad folder.

4. Choose a Proxy Server

5. Click on the green button, minimize QQDaili and enjoy csro whitout lags.

Csro download

Here you can download csro ( Chinese Silkroad) whit fullspeed.
Csro 1.60 Client
1.60 - 1.65 Patch

Server names

                                                         Division 1
                                             Division 2
Credits go to burny209 who gave me the server names.

New Author

Hey ho together,
Im the new Author/writer at this Blog and I will try to help you for everything you need :)
Well i will tell you something about me:
My name is Dean and im 16 years old, I come from germany and im a student. I play cSro since 2008 and atm I play at Alexander(Div. 2), I have a Bower there named SaVior恋少, well i will help you and Shintenchi at this Blog to get a nice start at cSro :)